Thursday, May 16, 2013

Early mornings.

I have found that I quite enjoy waking up with Baby Girl on a day to day basis. Except on those days when she is starving and I can't pump quick enough for her! She just stares at me with her deep dark blue eyes and waits, once she just a pang of hunger out goes her paci and up starts the roar of her lungs. But tell me this, could you not just look at this all day long??:

She has just started smiling for real, and it is just amazing! I hope people realize why I just can't leave her alone! I am so glad that Lee is letting me only go back to work at nights, and only two days a week at that! I will still get to spend my days with Baby Girl, and he will get his Daddy time when he gets home from work.

Today I am going to try and figure out how to do some tabs on this thing, and post some of the yummy dinners I have been fixing recently. As well as some DIY projects.

Until then.

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