Saturday, May 18, 2013


    Our little Love Bug decided that she was going to stay up all day yesterday. I mean ALL day. She may have taken two or three little 20 minute naps, which doesn't do anything for a 6 week old!

   She finally fell asleep for good around 8:30 last night while we were at GiGi's and Papa's. She even slept through the ride home, a diaper change and getting her PJs on. Guess what time she woke up?! 4 AM! Only reason she woke up was for a diaper change. (She hates being wet!) I tried to feed her, since Hey! she hadn't eaten since 6, but she kept falling asleep. SOOOO Natalie finally woke up for the day at 7:30 this morning! 11 hours!!! Can you believe it?!

   I also attended my first Mom's Night Out! I must say after two drinks I was feeling it. I had a blast, I got to meet new friends and fellow moms, which is always good!

   I forgot to mention before that I became a Wildtree Representative! I got my welcome packet yesterday! More like welcome box, it was 40lbs! I am so excited! There is a bunch of new oils and spices I get to try! And I will be able to cook and make money off of it, in my own home! =)

  There will be more on Wildtree later, I am still waiting on my tins to get here. I don't even want to start selling Wildtree until I have my spices organized!

   Until next time.

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