Monday, December 30, 2013

Day one update

Alright while waiting on Natalie's clothes to finish drying, I have to brag that I have finished all of the items on my list of things to do (that I can do at home) and even did a little more! As I mentioned yesterday, I got a new van, *insert happy dance* and I just got some things into it! Want to see pictures?!

This is all of Natalie's things. The top pocket has an extra bib, and spoon. The second pocket has an extra bottle and formula, Kleenex,and mini lotion,body wash and shampoo. The third pocket has two diapers, thing of wipes, diaper rash cream, diaper bags, and hand sanitizer. The fourth and final pocket has an extra change of clothes, socks, burp cloth and an extra shirt for Mommy. =) I am sure I will put more things in there, or will need another organizer. Here is my box::

This has all of the things I may need. Trash bags, napkins, note pad and pen. A pack of gum, jar of baby food and sippy cup (okay, that is really for Natalie) There is also a little bag for Mommy's personals, and some toiletries that you never know if you'll need. And those things on the right side are two extra diapers for Bella, ( one of my littles.) Isn't it just perfect!? I've also gotten a bottle of Febreeze and thing of snacks in the back of the van.
Here is what it looks like right now! =) Of course everything is subject to change, depending on what all I find at T.J Maxx today!

 Here are my envelopes, nothing exciting, but I am hoping they will help us save some money! Lee and I each have our own 2014 envelopes. One that goes from week 1 to week 26, and the other from weeks 27- week 52. On the backs I wrote each week number, and will check when we put that amount of money in the envelope. I have the same set up with the Christmas fund.

I am so excited about the organized van!!! We will see how long it lasts, and how handy it all comes in. =) Will let you know! Until next time!

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