Monday, December 30, 2013

Day one!

Alright, so here starts day one of my lists, and routines, and all of the fun stuff that I actually plan to do today! =)
I made my weekly goals yesterday, and they are just some things that I wanted to get finished, now that they are all written down, maybe I will actually get them DONE!
I have also sat down this morning and wrote out my daily goals for today! Want to know what they are?! It isn't anything crazy or anything like that but I am excited to have them written down and *cross my fingers* they all get checked off!
Things to do today::
  • Finish Natalie's Laundry
  • Put all clothes up
  • Do my New Year's and Christmas envelopes (Will explain later)
  • Sweep/mop all hard floors
  • Take a walk to the park (in Natalie's new wagon!)
  • Go to T.J. Maxx
Like I said; nothing crazy!
The envelopes will be fun though, my plan for the year of 2014, is that every week we put money into envelopes to "save" and for our Christmas fund for next year! I have made out a budget for myself as to how much I can put into the Christmas fund every week, I will put that set amount into an envelope marked "Christmas 2014" once I get so much in that envelope I hope to go and put that money on some type of gift card where I know I will shop for Christmas gifts. That way when Christmas time comes around, I won't be going loco when it's time to shop!
 The 2014 envelopes will be a weekly thing as well. Except each Friday, we will put in so much money (ie the first week we will put $1 in the envelope, the second week we will put in $2)
So every week, we put that amount of money in the envelope!
I am wanting Lee and I both to put money in each week, so we each have some fun spending money at the end of the year, or in case we need to have money for say...a new baby maybe??
Will post pictures when I finish! Until next time! 

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