Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day two.

Today is the day I hope to get most if not all of my Christmas decorations put back in their rightful places, until the next Christmas season! Lee wasn't able to get my boxes down, so I am hoping that when Lolly comes over I will be able to do it.

I don't have a very long "to do" list today, and it's probably because I can't really think yet of what all I want to get done. Maybe I will do some other things and write them down (like they were already there) =) Here are Day two's things to do::
  • Two loads of laundry (or more)
  • Clean out refrigerator
  • Get down boxes
  • Call dr.
  • 15 minute quick clean of Kitchen
 The 15 minute cleaning of the kitchen will probably either take longer than 15 minutes, or be done before my 15 minutes is up. I like to keep most of the area clean, and all of the things on the counters right now can probably just be thrown in the trash! Although, I do have my little here with me today, so it will all depend on how she eats her breakfast.

I've decided another thing to add to my routine in the mornings, or nap time, or maybe even before I go to bed. I want to read the entire Bible. In the back of the book that I am reading "The Bare Bones Bible Handbook" by Jim George- it has a daily reading schedule for the entire year.

I've read through maybe Leviticus before and never made it past that point. This was, however, when I  was at an overnight Church thing when I was like.. 12. So, I wish to be able to make it past that and further this year! Tomorrow will be the start, of course. If anyone would like to join in, maybe we can be accountability partners. Let me know!

Until the next time.

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