Thursday, January 2, 2014

Back to my lists!

    Alright yesterday was filled with a bunch of nothingness. I had a pounding headache almost all day, Natalie slept a lot, and we had our "good luck" meal at the in-laws. I mean, all in all a good day, but I didn't make any lists, I didn't clean anything, (besides some dishes) and I definitely didn't teach Natalie anything. *boo* OH! I did write some thank you notes and made a memory jar. While writing said thank you notes, Natalie got into the dog food twice, one of which time she ate it. YUCK YUCK YUCK! But hey! There may be some kind of nutrition in it right?! RIGHT?!

    Anyway, today is a new day! I have my things to do list ready, and the kids are blocked off from the dogs, er I mean the dogs are blocked off.
Here is my list:
  • 15 minute clean of the bedroom(s)
  • 15 minute clean of the bathroom(s)
  • clean out the freezers
  • clean from under the beds
  • do at least one load of laundry
  • watch Hooked on Phonics with the littles.
  • start a grocery list (we have NO food)
  • finish writing Thank You notes
  • Find 7 things to get rid of. (Throw away, donate, yard sale box, or list them for sell)
    Yes, my list is long today, but I am hoping my sister will be coming to help watch Natalie. =) The whole cleaning of the house, won't be so bad once we get through the first month. Then I will just have my 15 minute clean ups to do every day. At least, that is the plan. 

    Well, the babies are eating choking hazards. Until next time.

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