Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year! Last night was so much fun! We were able to see one of Lee's friends that we haven't seen in a few years, and then watched the ball drop with my amazing in laws. I absolutely love that Lee's brother and our sister in law lives right across the street! It definitely comes in handy when needing to get ready for a New Years party!
I am curious to know what everyone's resolutions and goals are for the year 2014?! I have to say for myself, I can't really think of anything great!
I would like to get closer to the Lord, I would also like my marriage to become even stronger than it already is. I married a really great guy! We are planning to have another little one, and I am so excited! Because of this, I don't have a goal of losing any particular amount of weight or anything. My goal for Natalie is to start walking soon! *crosses fingers* As well as stop eating the leaves! =)

Before I go any further I want to look back on yesterday! I did get my refrigerator cleaned out, and this is something I apparently need to do more than once a year. :0
This was my before picture. (I had already started on the door before I remembered to snap a picture.)
Lee makes sure that we don't keep a lot of food we don't need in there so it wasn't too bad, but bad enough. Natalie kept busy in the Tupperware cabinet.
Until it was basically empty, then she was done. =) She gets bored easily like her Mommy.
I am not too sure what all of this was- but there were some dead bugs. It was gross! Never think to clean under the drawers!
The end result! =) Nice and clean, and empty. I did throw quite a bit away that was expired. Lee got home and said : there is no food in here! Yeh, I think it's time to go shopping. ;/ But I am happy with my results. I am suppose to do the freezers today, but I feel like if I start cleaning, that is all I will be doing the entire year! I will wait until tomorrow. =)
Natalie decided to get started on the party early and get into some Bud Light Lime. Hey- she was keeping busy! 

Our day yesterday was filled with all kinds of fun, and messes...

She decided she was a big girl and got her snacks down herself- at least she cleaned up after herself. (For the most part) Good thing for our little hoovers.

We ended the night with a glass of champagne and fun! Happy New year to you all! Until next time!

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