Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16, 2014

    This week has been pretty slow going. I haven't been writing my "to do" lists, but I have been cleaning up around the house. I haven't stuck to my morning routine that I originally planned, and I should really start doing that! I was reading another blog,, that has been talking about time management, and starting a morning routine. One thing that it says to do is write down your morning routine and putting it up all over the house. I think I will try this today. =)
   Natalie hasn't done anything new and exciting, except SLEEP!  I don't want to jinx our new sleeping arrangements, but she has slept in her pack n play every night this week from around 7pm to 6am. We had dinner at Lolly's house last night, and I was really scared that it was going to mess up our schedule, and low and behold.. she fell asleep at 7, woke up at 8, we headed home, I got her in bed at 9 and she stayed there until 6 this morning! I was so proud! The real test will be this weekend when we go up to the hunting camp.
    I've gotten to spend most of the week with my little sister, and it's been fun. Very grateful for the help I've received when going to get Mary. I miss the time that we've been able to spend together. She's 11 weeks pregnant so that is always fun! =) Natalie will have a new baby cousin soon and then we're hoping a new baby brother or sister not too long after that! Cross our fingers we find out soon. =)
    The hubby is out of town this week, and tonight will make it officially the longest we've been away from each other. I miss him so much. He is trying to fill our freezer with deer meat, so I cannot complain too much. I actually already have plans for some of that meat! I've made a list of freezer meals that I can't wait to make!!! My grocery list is a mile long!!!! It will probably take me a few weeks to just get my list done. Probably doesn't help that we have a big trip planned for next week.
    Lee's oldest brother's birthday is in a few weeks, and the only thing that he wants is for his brothers to be there, so we are planning a weekend in Huntsville! I've only been there once so I am super excited to go back! Although, I really want to move to Huntsville, so this will probably just intensify the urge!
    I have to go now, to start laundry for the day. Until next time.

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