Friday, January 3, 2014

Natalie is 9 months old!

    Tonight is the first Friday of the new year! Guess what I am getting into tonight?! Yeah, it's almost 9 pm and I am about to put my butt in bed! Natalie has been asleep for about half an hour, and I am crossing my fingers that she stays asleep in her own bed tonight. The hubby is out at the hunting camp, planning on waking up and getting me a deer! =P
    Yesterday I was able to clean out both freezers, and they look amazing! I realized we didn't have much meat left and I said "OH NO!" We live off of our deer meat. We actually ate through two deer the last year, and that means we need two for this year! Especially if I continue with this budget, I WILL NOT be able to afford meat!
    I also cleaned out from under the bed, which surprisingly didn't have much under it! I am beginning to think that we really don't have a lot of things, just not enough room for the things we have.  I will have to admit, that I didn't do anything today! Okay, by anything I mean no cleaning. I did make dinner for Lolly and the kids, and washed dishes. =) That chicken pot pie was AMAZING!
    TODAY::::: Is Natalie's 9 month birthday! She is growing up so much, I really can't believe that she is 9 months old!! This time 5 years ago do you think that I would be married with a beautiful baby? Okay, yes I figured I would be married with a kid. but you never really think it's actually going to happen! I have an amazing husband with an amazing family, and an amazing daughter. I have an amazing life! I wouldn't change anything in my amazing life.
I mean look how perfect she is?! I love her to pieces!

Until next time.

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