Saturday, January 11, 2014

Natalie's 9 Month Check Up

**** There was a lot of controversy about this post on my Facebook page. I would like to say that I am in no way bashing the doctor, her profeasionalism, or her as a person. I also would like to say that I never once said that I was personally attacked by the doctor. I am simply saying, in short, that I would like this doctor to be more personal on her response to my concerns and to my child. No, I don't expect to "hear what I want to hear" at every visit or at all. But I also don't want to hear what is "right" for someone that is not MY child. Just because someone that is the same height and weight as Natalie is should drink 32 ounces a day- doesn't mean my daughter should. Now does this make me a bad person for questioning these types of things? Also hearing someone's bad experience with a doctor will always over rule your great (personal) relationship with said doctor. And thus, I am going to do as I feel best for my child and find her another doctor whom I will feel comfortable with. Someone that I will not have to question about their ways when I leave the office. Thank you. ****     

    Has anyone been to a doctor that just never tells you the things you want to hear? Or doesn't do the things you want done? Or anything personal about YOU? Natalie's doctor just seems very impersonal to me, and I am not so sure I want to continue going to her. We go to the doctor for a check up, and express some concerns we have about Natalie eating, the rash on her legs, and a bump that has shown itself on the back of her head.
    Natalie has never eaten more than 24 ounces of formula during the day- never has she eaten more. As much as we try to get her to eat more, she just won't do it! I express my concern to the nurse, thinking that she isn't eating enough, but she eats a lot of real food, anything that we eat, she eats. The nurse told me that it is normal for them to not eat as much formula once they start eating real food. Okay, so I am feeling better about myself, because hey! this girl can eat, just not formula. The doctor comes in and tells me that she's gone from being in the 75 percentile to being in between the 25 and 50th percentile for her weight. Okay, so she crawls all over the place, do you expect her to gain a pound a week?!
     The doctor then starts writing down all that she should and shouldn't be eating and doing now that she is 9 months old. Starting with::: drinking 32 ounces of formula a day! UHM... that is 8 ounces more than what she will max out on now! How do I force her to drink 32 ounces?! Anyway, so I start shaking my head as she's writing this and say she won't eat that much. Would you like to know her response? "What is she going to do starve herself?..stop feeding her people food, it doesn't have the calories that formula has."
    Okay, let me see if I have this right... YOU want ME to stop feeding her real food, good food, not junk, and force feed her 32 ounces of formula...then in 3 months time completely stop feeding her formula and start feeding her real food again? Not no but HELL NO. Sorry for the profanity, but good gravy!!!
    Someone please tell me I'm not in the wrong here? Natalie barely finishes her 4 ounce bottles, how am I suppose to feed her more than that? When she's hungry we feed her, she's not starving. I just feel like the doctor is being very generic, and not focusing on how Natalie actually eats. They did her blood work yesterday and said that everything looks perfect, so she's obviously healthy.
    The rash on her legs, I was told was just dry skin, dove and lotion lotion lotion is the prescription. The bump we've noticed on the back of her head, is because her, and I quote "head is shaped funny, and will even out eventually." Her head is NOT shaped funny, it's perfect! 
    On a good note- Natalie is a whopping 18.2 pounds and 28 inches long! Nothing is wrong with her, at all. Completely healthy, and very happy. Just 3 months until our baby girl is one year old!

Until next time.

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  1. Kole; I switched my kids doc bc Alex misdiagnosed by his Pediatrician. I'm not saying that that will happen with Nat, BUT I knew they didn't know what they were talking about and sure enough Alex was diagnosed with pneumonia when his pediatrician said it was "allergies". YOU are her mother. YOU know your baby. If YOU are getting a bad vibe then YOU have to be Nat's voice. Now am I saying change doctors every time they tell you something you don't 100% agree with? No. Bc love you as I may, you are not a doc. If you want a second opinion on Nat's eating habits and what it good for YOUR baby then get one. If YOU feel the bump may be more serious than a "funny shaped head", which by the way she does NOT have (in my opinion) then take her somewhere else