Thursday, January 23, 2014

Strawberry Cupcake Fiasco.

    I have been wanting some strawberry cupcakes since Mary came home from daycare with a strawberry cupcake that was out of this world! Monday I almost bought a box of mix to make some and found out that where I was- there was no cupcake pan. (Thanks Lolly) As well as having a tight budget- that $2.39 for a box of cupcakes was just too much!
    I decided to look up a recipe last night for homemade strawberry cupcakes, and voila I made cupcakes!

    Of course the pictures are just awful- I am an awful blogger, I always forget to take my pictures when I am done! I did take some during the process but just random ones that mean nothing!

    See how random this is?! I actually took this picture to show the massive amount of counter space I have to work with! Isn't it just grand?!
    This one was pretty cool. Do you see the lovely pink batter?! I didn't add the food coloring to make them turn the wonderful pink color they should be, and I actually thought that this would have been enough. However, it was not.
    Here they go into the oven! Mmmm, at this point I was about jumping up and down with excitement! You have already seen the end result, I found another homemade recipe and made some chocolate frosting- which is very decadent. :)

    At the end of my baking and frosting, I had a massive headache and didn't even want to think about eating a cupcake. About an hour and two advil later I was ready to taste these wonderful decadent cupcakes I've waited an entire week for!
    To much of my dismay- they were icky. One they taste nothing like strawberry, although my sister says they do. Two, they tasted rubbery or something. Like.... ICKY. =(
    Now I am wanting to go buy a box of strawberry cupcake mix, and make some good ones!

    Should I list the links for my wonderful concoction? Here goes:
Strawberry Cupcakes - I used frozen strawberries.
Chocolate Frosting- I cut the recipe in half.

    Anyone have any yummy strawberry recipes they'd like to share?!
Until next time.

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