Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The long list of "to do's"

    I am pretty sure my to do list just keeps on growing, and it's not shrinking! I suppose this is mostly my fault considering I've done nothing of what I need to be. Natalie hasn't been feeling well, so I suppose I could say that I have been taking care of my boogie bear, but that is no reason why my to do list is a mile long!
    Thankfully though, I have nothing planned for the days ahead and maybe will get my list done by the end of the weekend. *crosses fingers*
    Things to do::
  • Clean kitchen
  • Natalie's laundry
  • Clean Natalie's room
  • Clean bathrooms
  • vacuum
  • Clean baseboards
  • Work on Scrapbook challenge
  • Go thru all dressers
  • Wipe down door handles
  • Make cloth baby wipes
  • Clean light switches
  • Dust celing fans and light fixtures
  • Get rid of at least 7 things, by the end of the week. 
    Do you see how my list is growing?! All of this needs to be done by Sunday afternoon, along with teaching the babies, picking up Mary the rest of the week, fixing dinner, and all of the other daily chores that need to be done.
    Think I can do it?! I surely hope so!
    The Scrapbook Challenge will be a post in itself, if I ever get to starting it! As well as the cloth baby wipes. =)

    I suppose I better get started! Until next time. 

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