Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday, January 6.

    This past weekend has been crazy busy. I decided last minute that Natalie and I would go camping with Lee and the family and boy am I glad we did! We had a blast camping out with all of the hunters. Natalie got to wear her "bear" suit, and we got to eat yummy chicken!
   Lee woke up and went hunting Sunday morning, and we kept telling him to not get a deer, because apparently- telling him to get one wasn't working, within the hour he texted me saying he got a 4 point! Finally we will have meat back in the freezer, I was beginning to get worried! It's not the biggest deer, but it will give us some meat for a few months. I am really hoping he gets at least two more, so we will be set for the year or longer! Look at how happy he is:

    To add to all of the excitement; we were getting ready to leave the camp and head home when we found out that Natalie cut another tooth! This is 7 for those keeping up! =) My beautiful 9 month old little girl is growing up and will have a mouthful of teeth soon!
   So we were able to come home and add two things to our memory jar! I was actually worried we wouldn't fill our jar, but I am beginning to think it will over flow with all of the great memories we will make this year!
    We were also able to start our 52 week savings plan, and because I get paid on Friday's we've decided that it will be easier to add to our envelopes every Friday. While everyone else doing the savings plan may already have $3, we still only have $1. But we will get there!
    I unfortunately do not have a list of things to do today, but maybe I will decide to get off my butt soon.

Until next time.

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