Monday, February 10, 2014

Scrapbook no more.

This last week has been a whirl wind of things just happening! Not all have been necessarily bad, but most have.

I started working on my scrapbook page for last week, well my card, I was making a card for Lee. :) The challenge that I have been following is a Cricut challenge, so we are challenged to use our Cricut for at least one cut. Well, as mentioned last week- we were having problems with my cord. This week nothing will work. I am going to have to call the company later to see what we can have done. In other words, I am not going to be getting my challenge completed this week. :/ Or a few weeks, depending on what can be done.

A new Cricut is coming out and will be available on HSN this Wednesday. Lee and I had talked about ordering it, but now since other recent events have happened, we will not be able to afford it right now.

Which leads me to the next thing that has happened::: I lost on of my littles, one that I've been watching for about 8 months. I was there for her first steps, and words, and helped her eat with a spoon and fork. Out of the blue, some things happened and now I am no longer able to watch her. (Nothing I did, just things happened, ok?) So that is pretty upsetting. I had Valentine plans with my little ones!

This then leads me to our next good thing that has come out of this:: Which I am not at liberty to talk about, BUT... it will be good! Our family has decided something that will probably help us all around. We would be happier and quite possibly save some money! Will announce as things are happening, trying to keep it on the DL. :)

AND to keep the flow going- I started making a quilt! My very first one! It is going to be so pretty! I have decided though, that the sewing together of the layers, is the most time consuming thing ever! I spent an hour just sewing my lines last night, and only finished two rows! I am sure there is some more quilting "lingo" that I should know for all of this, but I don't really care! I should be finished with the quilt in the next day or so, and will be sure to post pictures!

LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST::: Natalie LET go! My beautiful 10 month old, who is currently fighting off a cold and double ear infections, let go of one of her toys this past Saturday and moved to another. She stood on her own, no leaning on anything, or holding on to anything, and stood there for a few seconds! I am SO proud of our daughter- I look at her everyday and ask how we became so lucky!!

Until next time.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Scrapbook #4

This challenge almost didn't get completed because my Cricut machine decided it was going to be really mean to me and not connect to my computer. Thankfully I have a very good friend that has a cricut and let me borrow her USB cord to see if this was the problem. And alas, it was! I was so excited that I was able to borrow it and finish my challenge this week!

The challenge was to use three different patterns of paper. I used 5. :P I'm an over achiever - yeah I know. This is by far one of my most favorite pictures of Lee and Natalie. She is really his whole world and she knows it. 

I used the Cricut Craft Room Basics cartridge to make the hearts that I layered behind the picture. Then I used Lyrical Letters to cut "his whole world." 
I had the embellishments in my stash and I think it really brings out all of the colors. 

I am uploading this challenge into the FCCB challenge this week. :) enjoy! 

10 months old!

Natalie- my beautiful baby girl is 10 months old today!

All the fun things my girl can do at 10 months old::

Words she can say:
  • Hey
  • Bye
  • Momma
  • Dada
  • DeeDee
  • Nana
  • Papo
  • uhhuh
  • Love you
  • Bella
  • mmmm (When she eats) 
She can also:
  • Climb onto things
  • Climb off of things
  • hold her own bottle
  • hold her sippy cup
  • "Share" things. ( Will hand things to us when we put our hands out for her to share.)
  • Turn the cable off on the tv
  • Turn the volume up on the tv
  • "Throw" things away
  • Crawl 
  • Walk along the sides of furniture
  • Walk when holding on to her walker toy
  • Feed herself (when given food on her spoon)
  •  Stand up for a few seconds by herself
I am a very proud momma. I couldn't imagine life without this beautiful creature God made for me.

Right now my baby girl is sitting in her Aunt DeeDee's lap, feeling awful. :/ Waiting to hear from the doctor if I'll be able to get her in today.

Until next time.