Monday, March 3, 2014

Busy busy bees

Boy oh boy have we been busy!! I know I left off with us planning on having another baby- well, I decided after a long month of thinking- that I just wasn't ready for number two just yet. Not saying that if it does happen I would be terribly upset, but I just don't want to "try" right now.

THEN we decided out of the blue that we wanted to sell our house and move! So we have been busy busy trying to figure out what we need to do to get that done. We looked at a few houses and found one that we both completely fell in love with! So that being said:: we were ready to get it done! We went in with guns blazing! This past week I have been cleaning my bottom off, getting each and every room clutter free and have gotten rid of things we do not need anymore. Then we sat down with our realtor to only find out that we have A LOT of work ahead of us- and that we will lose at LEAST $2400 to just sell our house! Well, we were okay with it- at first. Headed to Home Depot and got a ton of supplies to start updating our house. After going full force with that, I got to thinking... We can't afford this. Truly truly, we can't. We were going to make it work. But there is no need to diminish our savings to just get out of here. Also, who would watch Natalie grow up!?

Already from the de-cluttering and cleaning I've done the last week, I felt like I was ignoring Nat, and this is just not acceptable! So, we aren't moving. At least not for the next year. We will take our time and do some updates to the house, then this time next year, we will visit the idea again. Unless something happens, of course.

To start our updating, we have already done quite a bit! We have purchased the door frame that needs to be replaced, our old dog chewed it to pieces. I have started painting some of our light fixtures that were brass, to a satin nickel to tie thru the house. We have gotten 2 inch blinds on the other front windows of the house (Natalie's room was the only one with them) We have gotten the new light fixtures for our bathroom, ours weren't bad, but it was one of the things our realtor suggested we change. Although, we still kept our "ball" lights. :P We have also gotten this window film put on our back door. I LOVE the natural light that our house has, but the blinds on the door, made it difficult to maneuver. We picked up a cracked glass looking film and put on the window, so now we don't need the blinds. We have also... I know I know, we have done a lot in just a weekend, I told you we went in with guns blazing! We've painted the hallway, and gotten the baseboards primed and ready to be fixed. That is for another day! :)

Anyway, we have have had a busy busy last month, and I am ready to sit down and relax... but someone is turning ONE soon and I have to get busy for that!! :)

At 11 months old Natalie is amazing! Even more personality then we ever thought she could have at this age! She can point to a nose, not on herself yet, but anyone else and her bear. She can clap now, she can high five, and say thank you when handed something! She has been sleeping in her own room the last few weeks, and it's been amazing! We are also trying to get her off bottles, and she has only had one bottle in the last week! I've been mixing some of her formula with whole milk to get ready for the switch, and I cannot wait until that happens!!

I better go get her down for a nap, until next time.

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