Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week Three of tot school

I've decided since my tot tends to get distracted very easily, that I will just put all of our school days into one "week" posts, instead of one each day.
Also will make it easier if we happen to miss a day, you won't know the difference...right?

This picture, I must admit, had nothing to do with school this week, but she did get to discover baby powder. I also got to discover how slippery baby powder makes laminate flooring when trying to clean it up. :) No, I didn't fall. But I thought about it. 

This week was a fun week in tot school. We got to make Daddy a birthday painting, which of course I deleted all photos of so he couldn't find them on my phone. Will post one tomorrow, if I remember. 

We've gotten a lot better with the bottle beads! She didn't once try to put one in her mouth this week. She seems to grasp the concept of bead into bottle. We will work on transferring some next week. 

I tried something different this week and put the colored beads on the coordinating pipe cleaner, just to see what she would do with them. She needed up pulling them all off of course, but she was very interested. A few times she pulled them all off at once, and a few times she would just pull one at a time off. During those times I counted aloud as she pulled them off. She would try to put the beads back into the pipe cleaner, and while she hasn't figured how to do it by herself, she did put one or two on whole I was holding the cleaner and she put the bead on the end. I was very proud of her. :)

We bought a puzzle from one of the many craft stores around here, and whole I realize that my one year old does not have any idea what to do with a puzzle, especially a 12 piece puzzle, I decided to see what she would do. I gave it to her put together, and she immediately took it apart. Then threw the pieces at Sophie, so I decided we were done with the puzzle time. Another day for that. BUT since part of having her own tot tray is being able to clean it up and put it away when she's done... I got her to help me clean the puzzle up and put it back into the bag it came with. She REALLY enjoyed doing that!
If you notice in the picture above she is wearing flip flops. N got new shoes!! And she would not let me continue with any school until they were on her feet! 

Another thing we did this week was putting pom poms and buttons into an ice tray. I started out with each color in a seperate compartment, but when I realized she wasn't very interested I put everything into the bowl and left her alone. She did put them into the tray. She would put buttons together and poms together, so hey, she's kind of got the "like" item thing going for her. 

All in all a great week of tot school! We read a few books together, and even learned where our hair and tongue is at on the body! She really enjoys sticking her tounge out at me and Dede! 

I can't wait to see what is in store for us next week, as I start a new devotional and we do even more in school! :) 

Until next time. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Outside fun.

Yesterday was a very hot and muggy day, and after we spent most of it inside cleaning up, we decided to put our bathing suits on and go play in the water!!
All of the pictures following, N is really laughing, just can't tell in the pictures. :)
We haven't gotten in the sprinkler before, but yesterday we tested the waters (pun intended)

 She actually ran through the water and seemed to have a blast! I realize I am probably the worst picture blogger ever, but I don't have the time to take super great pictures, I am too busy trying to have fun with my daughter. :)

 She played with the water table for a little while too!
 Here is a selfie with the family. Yes, we are all three in N's house. I was in her house, waiting on my dinner... ;) then Daddy was invited to eat with us. Watching N look at Lee and say ::: "Dad! Dad! Dad!"...amazing!

After Lee went back to what he was doing, N decided to leave too, and I was all alone. :/ 
Of course when I tried to leave, I wasn't allowed. We had a blast playing outside. 

Until next time.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

That time where paint was everywhere, and bottle beads.

Okay, I am thinking paint is not the best thing for a little one who LIKES being dirty. Today we did another cross painting for Gigi, and decided to do things a little differently than last time.
I got a plastic table cloth and lay it out on the floor, hoping that it would keep paint off of the floor. (Which it did)
We also bought N a little easel, thinking that she would paint easier on that than with it flat...I am not sure she enjoyed that anymore than painting herself!

Things started out well, I kept trying to get her to paint on the canvas and not the floor. Which worked for oh- two seconds. Oh did I mention she even tasted the paint?! First thing she did was stick the brush in her mouth!
Here is where she realized that hey- this stuff changes my skin color! SAWEET!

Oh here we go. At least there is paint on the canvas! She gave up on the easel. :)

Then she was done with the canvas all together. Here is her "I'm going to paint my body" picture. I am glad to see that the apron really helps.
Here is the end result, yes I helped. Isn't it purty?! She did most of it, with my hand covering hers. But if I didn't help, it would have never gotten done!

When we got tired of paint, we got out our tray activity. Bottle beads. This one is easy peasy- empty bottle...plastic beads.... 30 minutes of fun!

She got them into the bottle, first try! She was proud!
She was pretty funny when the beads were on the floor, she tried to pick them all up at once.
Here she is trying her hardest to put the top on the bottle.

We spent a while longer playing with the beads, helping clean up and making all kinds of sounds.
Since we are learning our eyes and ears, it was a good lesson to show that the beads make noise. :)
Then we read a book, and pointed out all the eyes and ears.
I then decided to hide my phone with it playing "What Does the Fox Say." We went on a hunt to find it with only our ears. She FOUND it!!
She doesn't quite have where her ears and eyes are, but she is getting there. Everything is still a nose.
I am proud to say that school lasted almost an hour today, with cleaning of the paint included.
Now that nap time is over, it's time to head outside and play with our soccer ball before lunch. :)

Until next time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tot school bust.

You see that little bit of blue in her mouth?!
Yea, that would be our lesson for the day.
She ate her school work.
GO Nat!
I can't really blame her though, I did make her lesson out of PEEPS!
I made some Peep playdough. Super simple.
3 peeps
1 tablespoon coconut oil
3-6 tablespoons powdered sugar. 
I found that 1 tablespoon of coconut oil made it VERY oily, so I kept adding powdered sugar.
I tried to get her to do anything with it, besides put it in her mouth. But I am guessing her breakfast just didn't fill her up.

We did make an "A" with a cookie cutter, but the second "A" we tried to make, she wanted to eat.

This is why I say we are a bust. I don't think we quite understand play dough just yet. WE WILL WORK ON IT!

This week we are learning "eyes" and "ears." Every time I say ear and point to mine, she laughs her bottom off- so either my ears are TOO funny, or ... I have no idea. Haha.

With recent events, I wasn't able to plan our week out too extensively, so I think tomorrow we may take a trip to the library and grab a few books. Other than that- you will just have to stay tuned to see what we get in to. :)

Until next time.

Hey Victor.

You know how most friends have a "song?" Well, my sister and I have a song too! It's called Victor Vito. Here is the link to watch the video. Yes, I know that it is a child's song, and yes I know it's probably the silliest song ever... but that is what makes it ours. We both know the song frontwards and backwards. Every time we ate spaghetti together, this was our go to song. Most times in the car, we played this song. JUST BECAUSE!!!

You see those two girls ^^ we ARE silly, and that is why this song works for us!! You wouldn't expect anything less from us!

I've come to really love this girl! She has turned into my best friend over the last four months, to an extreme I never would have imagined.
I hate seeing that girl move away on me, but I know she will be back!

We have had some fun times the last few months, a few arguments, but a ton of laughs. She was the biggest support for me when I had some venting to do. :)

One thing she was amazing at doing- getting my beautiful girl to sleep!
AND if there is one thing I know- it's that this little girl LOVEs her some Aunt Dede!!!

No one else can make Natalie smile this big! :) She may not understand what is going on right now, but I know that she loves her Dede and already misses her so much!
Pretty soon Dede will have her education done, and move back home. Then we will be able to get into a lot more trouble. I'll miss her like crazy until then, but good thing we have technology!!

I love you Destiny! See you soon!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cross Painting

Today marks our third day of Tot school! I am so excited that I started this with Natalie. Granted she may be too young for some of the activities we are doing, I still want to try them. I can kind of gauge what she can do, and next week I can try something different. :) 

Today we painted on a canvas. Which I think I need to get more of- and also an easel. 
Since I didn't figure she would be able to paint a cross, I just did the ole' tape it off method. I taped off a cross onto a canvas and let her go at it! 

But first! We have to paint our hand! 
She liked to hit it with the brush. At least it's on the canvas... right? 

A little finger painting came into the picture. 
Then she painted the sponge.
She turned around and thought hey! this blue looks really good on this black chair!
(This is why I think we need an easel.)
She did, after her painting of the chair, paint on the canvas that I held up for her.

This is how my table looked after it was all said and done. -What you don't get to see is all the blue paint I found under the plate and canvas, and all the yellow paint that was on the floor!!!

Our final product!!! I think it's beautiful!! I am hoping Lee can do something to let me hang it on the wall. :) 

Then we moved onto our tray activity: Magnetic pom poms!
If you haven't seen the trend this week, I really like pom poms. But it was easy activities to do to see how she would react to everything. This was very easy to put together too, even though N didn't really understand that they were stuck to the tray. I took pom poms and glued magnets on to them. DONE. Yup, told you it was easy. :)

I gave her the bowl thinking she may want to do a little transferring. She did. For a minute. 
Then she took off! If you look closely you can see a cute little heart on her tush- Yeah, she painted herself. I am guessing the apron doesn't help when she wants to paint her back! 
I let her play by herself for a few minutes while I cleaned up all of the paint- turned around to see her sitting on the tray. Silly girl.
After school was over N thought she would watch the trash get picked up, in comfort of the dog bed. :) 

I cannot wait until tomorrow- we aren't having school but we are planning on dyeing Easter Eggs and baking some cakes. 
We also just got a new book- and I mean it is a big book! It's called The Complete Resource Book for Toddlers and Two's. It has over 2000 ideas to help teach toddlers and twos everything they need to know! We are starting on the body parts next week! She's got nose down pact, I hope it's as easy to do all the others. 

Until next time.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Egg Collage

Please Please Please ignore the blurriness of the pictures today. N wasn't super excited about today's activities in Tot School, so I took pictures as I could.

In loo of Easter being this Sunday we made an Easter Egg collage. Which is simply this:

Strips of paper in different colors
Strips of tissue paper in different colors
Egg cutout.

I cut an egg out of white cardstock, and put glue all over it. I tried to get N to tear up the paper, but apparently since it wasn't anything I actually needed, she decided it wasn't as fun. Then just threw it on the floor.
 I put a few starting pieces of paper on to the egg, hoping she would catch on, but once she felt the was almost over!
 N tried her hardest to get that sticky stuff off of her hands!!! After I got it off she helped put paper on the egg, and I patted it down to stay on there.
 She quickly was over her egg collage, but I feel like it came out okay. :)

More on my new display frame in a few minutes! Next we moved on to our tray activity. The pom pom drop. All I did was take a plastic container, got the hubby to cut a hole in the top and stuck a paper towel roll through. I am glad I thought to tape it on, because N liked to throw and hit it on things! I covered it with some card stock to just make it a bit prettier. :)

 She got the idea alright. For a few minutes at least. She wanted to play with the tray more. OFF WITH THE TRAY!

 Then we shook it!
 And explored it.
 Even had to sniff it.

 This shot would have been amazing if it was so blurry! She tried her hardest to get that little hand in there!!! After chasing Sophie around the room for a few minutes with the drop, she was over it. Even tried to clean up, by putting the poms on the book case.

Tomorrow is an off day, with hopes of making it to a bible study at church. Then we will be back at it Thursday!

Now to my new "Look What I Made" frame! I bought the window frame a few months ago with intentions of doing SOMETHING with it. It ended up in storage. Then Lee cleaned it up and got all the old paint off of it, in the process breaking some of the glass. I was devastated. NOW what was I to do with it!? After rearranging the dining room, we had put it up on the wall just to get it out of the way. Well it looked really good just hanging there! I then thought- why not string some string through it and display Natalie's work?!!? We did just that! I made a paper cone and attached it to hold my mini clothespins, and VOILA! Display frame! Once I get my vinyl I will put "Look what I made" over it- or something to that effect! 

Yay for my frame! :) Can you tell I am EXCITED!

Until next time.