Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cross Painting

Today marks our third day of Tot school! I am so excited that I started this with Natalie. Granted she may be too young for some of the activities we are doing, I still want to try them. I can kind of gauge what she can do, and next week I can try something different. :) 

Today we painted on a canvas. Which I think I need to get more of- and also an easel. 
Since I didn't figure she would be able to paint a cross, I just did the ole' tape it off method. I taped off a cross onto a canvas and let her go at it! 

But first! We have to paint our hand! 
She liked to hit it with the brush. At least it's on the canvas... right? 

A little finger painting came into the picture. 
Then she painted the sponge.
She turned around and thought hey! this blue looks really good on this black chair!
(This is why I think we need an easel.)
She did, after her painting of the chair, paint on the canvas that I held up for her.

This is how my table looked after it was all said and done. -What you don't get to see is all the blue paint I found under the plate and canvas, and all the yellow paint that was on the floor!!!

Our final product!!! I think it's beautiful!! I am hoping Lee can do something to let me hang it on the wall. :) 

Then we moved onto our tray activity: Magnetic pom poms!
If you haven't seen the trend this week, I really like pom poms. But it was easy activities to do to see how she would react to everything. This was very easy to put together too, even though N didn't really understand that they were stuck to the tray. I took pom poms and glued magnets on to them. DONE. Yup, told you it was easy. :)

I gave her the bowl thinking she may want to do a little transferring. She did. For a minute. 
Then she took off! If you look closely you can see a cute little heart on her tush- Yeah, she painted herself. I am guessing the apron doesn't help when she wants to paint her back! 
I let her play by herself for a few minutes while I cleaned up all of the paint- turned around to see her sitting on the tray. Silly girl.
After school was over N thought she would watch the trash get picked up, in comfort of the dog bed. :) 

I cannot wait until tomorrow- we aren't having school but we are planning on dyeing Easter Eggs and baking some cakes. 
We also just got a new book- and I mean it is a big book! It's called The Complete Resource Book for Toddlers and Two's. It has over 2000 ideas to help teach toddlers and twos everything they need to know! We are starting on the body parts next week! She's got nose down pact, I hope it's as easy to do all the others. 

Until next time.

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