Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Egg Collage

Please Please Please ignore the blurriness of the pictures today. N wasn't super excited about today's activities in Tot School, so I took pictures as I could.

In loo of Easter being this Sunday we made an Easter Egg collage. Which is simply this:

Strips of paper in different colors
Strips of tissue paper in different colors
Egg cutout.

I cut an egg out of white cardstock, and put glue all over it. I tried to get N to tear up the paper, but apparently since it wasn't anything I actually needed, she decided it wasn't as fun. Then just threw it on the floor.
 I put a few starting pieces of paper on to the egg, hoping she would catch on, but once she felt the glue...it was almost over!
 N tried her hardest to get that sticky stuff off of her hands!!! After I got it off she helped put paper on the egg, and I patted it down to stay on there.
 She quickly was over her egg collage, but I feel like it came out okay. :)

More on my new display frame in a few minutes! Next we moved on to our tray activity. The pom pom drop. All I did was take a plastic container, got the hubby to cut a hole in the top and stuck a paper towel roll through. I am glad I thought to tape it on, because N liked to throw and hit it on things! I covered it with some card stock to just make it a bit prettier. :)

 She got the idea alright. For a few minutes at least. She wanted to play with the tray more. OFF WITH THE TRAY!

 Then we shook it!
 And explored it.
 Even had to sniff it.

 This shot would have been amazing if it was so blurry! She tried her hardest to get that little hand in there!!! After chasing Sophie around the room for a few minutes with the drop, she was over it. Even tried to clean up, by putting the poms on the book case.

Tomorrow is an off day, with hopes of making it to a bible study at church. Then we will be back at it Thursday!

Now to my new "Look What I Made" frame! I bought the window frame a few months ago with intentions of doing SOMETHING with it. It ended up in storage. Then Lee cleaned it up and got all the old paint off of it, in the process breaking some of the glass. I was devastated. NOW what was I to do with it!? After rearranging the dining room, we had put it up on the wall just to get it out of the way. Well it looked really good just hanging there! I then thought- why not string some string through it and display Natalie's work?!!? We did just that! I made a paper cone and attached it to hold my mini clothespins, and VOILA! Display frame! Once I get my vinyl I will put "Look what I made" over it- or something to that effect! 

Yay for my frame! :) Can you tell I am EXCITED!

Until next time.

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