Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hey Victor.

You know how most friends have a "song?" Well, my sister and I have a song too! It's called Victor Vito. Here is the link to watch the video. Yes, I know that it is a child's song, and yes I know it's probably the silliest song ever... but that is what makes it ours. We both know the song frontwards and backwards. Every time we ate spaghetti together, this was our go to song. Most times in the car, we played this song. JUST BECAUSE!!!

You see those two girls ^^ we ARE silly, and that is why this song works for us!! You wouldn't expect anything less from us!

I've come to really love this girl! She has turned into my best friend over the last four months, to an extreme I never would have imagined.
I hate seeing that girl move away on me, but I know she will be back!

We have had some fun times the last few months, a few arguments, but a ton of laughs. She was the biggest support for me when I had some venting to do. :)

One thing she was amazing at doing- getting my beautiful girl to sleep!
AND if there is one thing I know- it's that this little girl LOVEs her some Aunt Dede!!!

No one else can make Natalie smile this big! :) She may not understand what is going on right now, but I know that she loves her Dede and already misses her so much!
Pretty soon Dede will have her education done, and move back home. Then we will be able to get into a lot more trouble. I'll miss her like crazy until then, but good thing we have technology!!

I love you Destiny! See you soon!!

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  1. awww i love you Nikole.. you are really the best sister ever!! can't wait till i can see you again!! miss you lots!