Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Outside fun.

Yesterday was a very hot and muggy day, and after we spent most of it inside cleaning up, we decided to put our bathing suits on and go play in the water!!
All of the pictures following, N is really laughing, just can't tell in the pictures. :)
We haven't gotten in the sprinkler before, but yesterday we tested the waters (pun intended)

 She actually ran through the water and seemed to have a blast! I realize I am probably the worst picture blogger ever, but I don't have the time to take super great pictures, I am too busy trying to have fun with my daughter. :)

 She played with the water table for a little while too!
 Here is a selfie with the family. Yes, we are all three in N's house. I was in her house, waiting on my dinner... ;) then Daddy was invited to eat with us. Watching N look at Lee and say ::: "Dad! Dad! Dad!"...amazing!

After Lee went back to what he was doing, N decided to leave too, and I was all alone. :/ 
Of course when I tried to leave, I wasn't allowed. We had a blast playing outside. 

Until next time.

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