Thursday, April 24, 2014

That time where paint was everywhere, and bottle beads.

Okay, I am thinking paint is not the best thing for a little one who LIKES being dirty. Today we did another cross painting for Gigi, and decided to do things a little differently than last time.
I got a plastic table cloth and lay it out on the floor, hoping that it would keep paint off of the floor. (Which it did)
We also bought N a little easel, thinking that she would paint easier on that than with it flat...I am not sure she enjoyed that anymore than painting herself!

Things started out well, I kept trying to get her to paint on the canvas and not the floor. Which worked for oh- two seconds. Oh did I mention she even tasted the paint?! First thing she did was stick the brush in her mouth!
Here is where she realized that hey- this stuff changes my skin color! SAWEET!

Oh here we go. At least there is paint on the canvas! She gave up on the easel. :)

Then she was done with the canvas all together. Here is her "I'm going to paint my body" picture. I am glad to see that the apron really helps.
Here is the end result, yes I helped. Isn't it purty?! She did most of it, with my hand covering hers. But if I didn't help, it would have never gotten done!

When we got tired of paint, we got out our tray activity. Bottle beads. This one is easy peasy- empty bottle...plastic beads.... 30 minutes of fun!

She got them into the bottle, first try! She was proud!
She was pretty funny when the beads were on the floor, she tried to pick them all up at once.
Here she is trying her hardest to put the top on the bottle.

We spent a while longer playing with the beads, helping clean up and making all kinds of sounds.
Since we are learning our eyes and ears, it was a good lesson to show that the beads make noise. :)
Then we read a book, and pointed out all the eyes and ears.
I then decided to hide my phone with it playing "What Does the Fox Say." We went on a hunt to find it with only our ears. She FOUND it!!
She doesn't quite have where her ears and eyes are, but she is getting there. Everything is still a nose.
I am proud to say that school lasted almost an hour today, with cleaning of the paint included.
Now that nap time is over, it's time to head outside and play with our soccer ball before lunch. :)

Until next time.

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