Monday, April 14, 2014

Tot school for Natalie.

Most of you that know me will know that I am a starter and not a finisher. My husband makes fun of me all the time because I will start a project, get bored or hit a snag and I am over it. It isn't the best quality to have, especially on a tight budget and very limited space. Nevertheless, he supports any and all things that I have taken on. :)

My new adventure WILL be different!! I plan to follow this one all the way thru to the end!

My beautiful one year old (yes ONE) and I started "Tot school" today! There are many many places to get ideas for tot school. One of my new favorites is 1+1+1=1. She has ALL kinds of tot trays.
Since N is quite a bit younger than her tots, I have to search around for things I believe she can handle.

I also decided that we will only do tot school three days a week for now. After I saw how long short N's attention span was, three days will be enough! I was thinking it would be a 30 minute venture, but it only took us about 15? Maybe. I am not complaining. When she was involved she seemed to be having a GREAT time! That is all that matters right now!

Today marks the first day::

Of course N can't understand what my board says, but I like it. :) For the flower painting, I just taped a sheet of paper down (Dollar Tree paper pad) drew a flower on it and let her go.

She seemed to catch on pretty quickly, and actually was putting sponge to paper. (The sponge is a Dollar Tree handled sponge- which means no pieces in the mouth, and a neat handle for little hands to grasp)
LOOK how grown up she looks!? SO BIG!!!
Then we had to explore the sponge. I don't think she understood how the paint went from that to the paper. :)
She also had to explore the plate that the paint was on, she would stick her fingers in and then try to get the paint off. I am surprised none of the paint went into her mouth!!!
Here is the final project. I have decided I am a very bad flower draw-er. :/ Oh well. It's still cute.

For the pom pom transfer I just took some pom poms and put them in a plastic bowl, along side another bowl. The idea was that she would transfer the poms from one bowl to the other and back again.

She started doing what I had planned.

Seemed to quite enjoy the idea...

Then thought it would be fun to pour them all over the floor. :)
She figured out that the tray made noises and was kind of done with the poms.
So after taking the tray away and dealing with a little fit- she went back at it.

She didn't think it was very fun to help me clean up though, and after I would put a few in the bowl she took the bowl and poured them out. We had a great time though, I can't wait until tomorrow! :)

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