Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week Three of tot school

I've decided since my tot tends to get distracted very easily, that I will just put all of our school days into one "week" posts, instead of one each day.
Also will make it easier if we happen to miss a day, you won't know the difference...right?

This picture, I must admit, had nothing to do with school this week, but she did get to discover baby powder. I also got to discover how slippery baby powder makes laminate flooring when trying to clean it up. :) No, I didn't fall. But I thought about it. 

This week was a fun week in tot school. We got to make Daddy a birthday painting, which of course I deleted all photos of so he couldn't find them on my phone. Will post one tomorrow, if I remember. 

We've gotten a lot better with the bottle beads! She didn't once try to put one in her mouth this week. She seems to grasp the concept of bead into bottle. We will work on transferring some next week. 

I tried something different this week and put the colored beads on the coordinating pipe cleaner, just to see what she would do with them. She needed up pulling them all off of course, but she was very interested. A few times she pulled them all off at once, and a few times she would just pull one at a time off. During those times I counted aloud as she pulled them off. She would try to put the beads back into the pipe cleaner, and while she hasn't figured how to do it by herself, she did put one or two on whole I was holding the cleaner and she put the bead on the end. I was very proud of her. :)

We bought a puzzle from one of the many craft stores around here, and whole I realize that my one year old does not have any idea what to do with a puzzle, especially a 12 piece puzzle, I decided to see what she would do. I gave it to her put together, and she immediately took it apart. Then threw the pieces at Sophie, so I decided we were done with the puzzle time. Another day for that. BUT since part of having her own tot tray is being able to clean it up and put it away when she's done... I got her to help me clean the puzzle up and put it back into the bag it came with. She REALLY enjoyed doing that!
If you notice in the picture above she is wearing flip flops. N got new shoes!! And she would not let me continue with any school until they were on her feet! 

Another thing we did this week was putting pom poms and buttons into an ice tray. I started out with each color in a seperate compartment, but when I realized she wasn't very interested I put everything into the bowl and left her alone. She did put them into the tray. She would put buttons together and poms together, so hey, she's kind of got the "like" item thing going for her. 

All in all a great week of tot school! We read a few books together, and even learned where our hair and tongue is at on the body! She really enjoys sticking her tounge out at me and Dede! 

I can't wait to see what is in store for us next week, as I start a new devotional and we do even more in school! :) 

Until next time. 

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