Friday, May 30, 2014

65.5% savings?! I'll take it.

Okay! I told you all to look out for my post today! I went to Dollar Tree and Publix today to do my shopping, did you know that Dollar Tree accepts coupons?! Be sure to check your area to be positive. :)

Let's get this party started!

Here is what I got from Dollar Tree- I have to start by saying that a few things that I wanted, they did not have at this particular store. :( boo. Anyway:: 
 I bought 1 pack of Sunflower kernels (for N) 1 pack of sunflower seeds ( for mom and dad) 3 bottles of Ketchup and 1 box of Taco shells! All for $3.92 before tax. I saved $2.25. It makes it $0.60 an item. This is the first time I've couponed at Dollar Tree, and besides the cashier inspecting every inch of each coupon- it was a good trip. :)
I saved 65.5%!!! 

Now for the best part!! 
Isn't it beautiful? 
I won't go into how many of each item I got- you can clearly see. :) but I will say that I bought 22 items. Spent $15.32 and saved $36.15!! $.069 an item!! SERIOUSLY? Amazing!! I saved 70.3% 

Together I saved 66.6%! Yeah, not the best numbers.. But woot woot!!! :) 

Like I've said before I am no extreme couponer--  but I think I do pretty well. 

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