Wednesday, May 21, 2014


There are changes a brewing here on the Criswell blog space! I started this blog, to just keep everyone up to what is going on here at home, and I want it to turn into more! You may start seeing me post more links to other sites as I learn my way around the blog space sites. While I will still post constantly on what is happening to my beautiful girl, I also hope to become more organized and get involved with some sites to help better the experience here.

It may seem like a cluster the first few weeks, or even months while I figure things out. So keep following me, I may need YOUR help! I've written before how I am a starter of things and not a finisher- this blog is perfect for me! There is not a finish sign. I will be able to keep going! Since it is a home "business" I will be able to work at my own pace. Which means if I have a sick baby- or on vacation, I don't HAVE to write!

I am still in the learning stages, I have printed out a Blog Planner that came in my Homemaking Bundle- and it talks of making plans and having projects. I have no idea what kind of projects it even means!

I also want to encourage you to follow me! I have a button on the side of my page where you can enter your email address, while I am also still working out some kinks on that end, I hope you come back and visit until I am able to get emails sent out!

Thank you for believing in me! I couldn't do this without people that are constantly asking me about my blog. :)
I hope to become a world famous Mommy Blogger! Haha.

Thanks again!

Until next time.

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