Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Let's try this sleeping thing again.

Last night we started a new technique that we haven't tried to get N to fall asleep on her own. The whole idea behind it is that we sit in a chair next to her bed and reassure her that we are still there, and not going to be leaving her. I seriously believe that N gets scared, which is why we are up several times a night, as well as fighting her to go to sleep. Last night, we came home from the ball game, ate dinner, brushed teeth, you know the normal routine.. Then I decided to go on and try to get her in bed. Let me tell you- I thought I was going to be in there for at least an hour, because my child is a screamer!
  Needless to say-- N surprised me! When I first lay her down she did scream, and kept standing up, I thought OH Lord please help me! I remembered that everyone says the child needs to be almost asleep or very tired before being laid down. OK- I can do that. I took her out and rocked her for a few minutes, enough for those beautiful eyes to close for a few minutes.Then I took the leap and lay her down in her bed, she was immediately alert and start fighting me, I got her down and kept reassuring her that I was here and will hold her hand.
   The hand holding seemed to be the trick. I continued to sing to her and hold that little hand until she was asleep. Now this wasn't an immediate thing, but I wasn't in the room for an hour either. It took me a few times leaving the room and her waking up, before she was completely out.
   I crossed my fingers hoping she would stay asleep all night, but knew that probably wasn't going to be the case.Of course, she was awake at 11:30, with me just having to pick her up, give her a kiss, and lay her back down. Then another time around 4am, with it being just about the same, with a little hand holding. Finally at 6 this morning, I just told Lee to go get her and bring her to bed. It is 8 o'clock right now and she is still sound asleep.

So I ask you- what things have you all tried and succeeded at to get your child to fall asleep on their own and sleep all night?

I do have to say that I am very proud of N and of myself, for sticking to it last night..yes, it was only night one, and we have a LONG way to go, but things are looking up for us. :)

Until next time.

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