Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pinterest Fail

You know all of the posts on Facebook and Pinterest of Pinterest fails? Do you all think- hah I could do that, those people are stupid? Have you ever tried anything off of Pinterest and failed? Well, I just had my first Pinterest fail. I may have had more, but this is all I'm ready to admit and what I've actually documented. 
I- if any of you follow me on Pinterest- have become quite the Pinterest junkie. My step-mom actually told me I should attend Pinterest Anonymous. 
Okay, so I get on Pinterest and find this::
Supposedly- you can take cocoa powder  and mix it with any kind of lotion, and you'll end up with pretty tan legs. 
So I got my empty bottle and mixed up my ingredients. 
Here is what I looked like before:: 
Pretty white huh? Yea- don't judge. 
I get my lotion ready and start to rub it on one leg.
I am pretty sure I either didn't mix it right, or it just doesn't work. Here is what it looked like::

Like I said; don't judge. I put a huge dollop of lotion on thinking I just needed more moisture. Whew. Maybe I need more regular lotion? But my first attempt at super tan legs, super fast. 


Oh! And dogs really like the smell of chocolate lotion, so I wouldn't suggest having any animals or kids around when trying this. 

I so plan to try again, and work on my measurements. :)


  1. Yes, my hubby did the same as I waddled into the bathroomtop rinse it off. :)