Friday, May 23, 2014

Pompom transfer with Lolly.

Here is a little snippet of a post from Natalie's Lolly, when she was able to have a little school session with Natalie one morning. 

"Wow! What an opportunity it was to help Natalie with school. She picks up on things so fast. I  so proud to be able to call her my grand daughter. And for her to call me Lolly. I had to show her just a few times what to do and she did it. She seems to lose interest fast, but what one year old doesn't. For what she did do it was great. I can't wait to see all of her achievements in the future. With the mommy and daddy she was blessed with, this beautiful little girl is going to move mountains!"

On this day, Natalie was suppose to transfer Pom Poms from one bowl to another bowl with a spoon.

 Look how little she looks!!

Natalie looks like she had so much fun! She's so interested in learning it's unreal!!

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Until next time. 

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