Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Start

Tomorrow( May 12.) I am suppose to start on a journey to become a more productive housewife and mother. It is suppose to be a 14 day journey, and to say that it will take longer than 14 days... Maybe I should just start later. I had every intention of starting Monday, having all day at home, just the kids and I. And get started on day One! Which of course is waking up and starting to clean! Really deep clean, because once you get that part down, your practically there. BUT as luck would have it, my car broke down. 

It started with a cracked windshield on the way to my grandparents house yesterday afternoon, and ended with me needing a new window, an oil change, and possibly either a new battey or alternator. Oh yeah, what an amazing Mother's Day to me. We actually had hope this morning that everything was going to be dandy with my van, but then it wouldn't start. After church we took the battery to get tested and it was only 29% charged. When they told me that a new battery was $110... Eeck! We decided to wait on the battery and find out if it is for sure the battery or if it could be the alternator. While I'd much rather pay $110 for a battery than a new alternator, I don't want to pay for both of if don't have to. 
I really don't even know what I want to cross my fingers for tomorrow. What if I need both?!
I mean really, the whole saying; when it rains it pours. Very much in effect right now.

On another note, I have a great Mother's Day otherwise. Breakfast, church, lunch and then my favorite mother in law took me, my sister in law, our Mommom and one of her friends to see Mom's Night Out. YOU should go see it! Amazing movie and it makes you see things from a different way. :) 

Also::: if it selfish of me to be hiding in the bathroom writing this, while my husband is trying to figure out what to do with my daughter who is covered head to toe with Mac n cheese sauce? No? I hope not. And I really hope they don't find me! This weekend has turned into a not so fun one, and I just want to curl up in my sheets and hide.
Ah, they found me. I must go tend to my motherly duties.

Until next time. 

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