Thursday, May 1, 2014

The woes of sleeping beauty

I believe I will never understand the sleeping habits of my daughter. At two weeks old she was sleeping around 6-8 hours a night. Lucky us right? She was in our bed. Yup, in our bed. She took naps in our bed and spent the nights in our bed. As a struggling breast feeder I felt it was easiest. As a mom who couldn't bring her child home with her when released from the hospital, I felt the closest. Dont get me wrong, most nights she started out in her little bassinet next to our bed, but by the next feeding, she was in our bed. Looking back, she never did go to sleep easily. It would take us laying in our bed, cuddling her, just to get her asleep. That is with some fighting on both of our parts. 
**** Took a quick break to grab my screaming child and cuddle her like we used too, she was out in seconds.****

But still the fact remains. I used to have to cuddle her until she was asleep and so the slow crawl/roll off of our bed as to not wake our sleeping beauty. Now, it's a wonder she gets any sleep at all. We've since moved her into her own room, that one we painted a pretty pink and put a crib in with hopes of our daughter actually sleeping there. The first few days were Ahhmazing! She slept peacefully and all night as well. Now:::: I send messages out to my sister and step mom asking WHY WON'T MY CHILD SLEEP!?!

It seems as though she is afraid we will leave her, or something will happen to her  while she's sleeping. We can rock her for an hour, but as soon as we lay her down she wakes up screaming! Even nap times are bad. Today she had a whopping 15 minute nap! Most nights it's a struggle for sure. Psh, what am I talking about- every night is a struggle!

As we are embarking on a new journey to expand our family, this time for real, it's hard to imagine having to continue to fight Natalie while managing a pregnancy and then a newborn. Will this stop? Is it a stage that she will soon *cross my fingers it's sooner* will grow out of? 

I have friends looking to me for advise on how to sleep train their child to sleep.. When in fact I am the one needing the advise!

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