Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tot school week 4

This week was pretty laid back. N and I had the fun task of taking the little that I watch in the afternoons to school, and pick her up. Let's just say it has been a LONG week. School wise though, we have had some good moments!

We were very fortunate in receiving some new educational toys to try out at home. I would love to reveal how we came into all of it, but I will just leave the details to the Good Lord! While I had a few things on our schedule to take care of, once we received our new things, every thing went to psh! One day we actually spent all of school time and more going thru each and everything we received! It took N and I almost 3 hours to play with everything! I did not take any pictures on this day, because some times we need a break from the camera to just play! However, on the days we DID school, we have some pictures! :)

We tried putting pennies into a piggy bank. She did surprisingly well.Can I just say that I am very VERY proud of my little girl? She is very smart and picks up on things very well. So with every activity this week, she did surprisingly well. :) I did not have to show her what to do, I just gave her the piggy and a handful of pennies and she went to town!
*Sorry about the blurries* She got REALLY excited when they started making the "ching" sound.
And again- too cute!

Our next activity was suppose to be a rip and tear one- but she didn't want to tear the paper. I gave her a few torn sheets and she just tried to stick them to herself like a sticker. That would probably be in result of us playing with stickers all day last week. ;)

We also painted our Mommom a cross picture for her birthday! Things started out well enough..
Then she just couldn't resist!
Today I wasn't going to force school so I decided to just sit in the floor with her and play around with some pompoms and read some books. At one point we were both laying on our backs in the floor looking at pictures in a book. It's the simple things.

Then I decided to see what she would do with one of our new toys. After I showed her that the stick gets threaded thru the toys with holes she caught on.
She gets very excited when she figures something out on her own! I really hope this joy of learning stays with her through her life.
Concentrating hard to get it thru!

Here she is playing telephone! She kept saying "heh HEH!?" Think maybe she knows phones used to come with cords like that?! She has got it down!
While playing with our new toys she grabbed a book and wanted to read, she WOULD NOT let me read to her! We also had a cow from the box and I asked her what the cow says, after a few times of her ruff ruffing, I thought she wouldn't catch on, and finally before I gave it up, she says "mmmmm" "mmmmm". In my book that is "Moo" and close enough!! Maybe tomorrow we can take a field trip to see real cows on the side of the road!

This week has been an amazing week school wise. Her Lolly had one morning to herself, and I will try hard to get her to do a little guest post for me. Hehe.

Until next time.

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