Friday, May 16, 2014

Tot school week 5

This week, again has been pretty crazy. But we got a few things fit in, and had a ton of fun in the process!  
Monday we had a busy day with my car, so we just stacked blocks when we got home..well..I stacked blocks. :)

We spent another day with threading. Practice make you perfect right?? She picked up on it right away again. I then put out a few of the shapes and asked her to pick out the cow. She would pick it up and we would work on what a cow says. She can "moo" but not without prompting.
Then we looked at our picture books, and she had a ball pointing things out. I'm prettying sure that she is trying to say "what's that?" I love that she is wanting to know things, this is one of the reasons I started "tot school" is to get her excited about learning, while having fun!
She's becoming quite the big girl. She walked up these few stairs by herself. When I would go to help she started fussing at me! :) I can't believe she's trying to grow up on me!
We tried some matching, we haven't tried matching before this, she could look at the card in her hand and either pointed to or picked up its match. She did this over and over, getting them right every time. I noticed after 6 cards she got overwhelmed and distracted so I left it at 6. 
We tried another puzzle activity that she had no interest in before. I showed her how to get the pieces on once, and she could get them on from then. She did have trouble getting them off, even after showing her, she would get frustrated when she couldn't get them off. We, of course, will keep trying!
I am loving the opportunity I have to stay home and teach my daughter. If any of you ever get the chance- please promise me you'll take it. It is so rewarding seeing your child grow before your eyes.

Until next time.

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