Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tot school week 6

We have finally made it thru 6 weeks of tot school!  Just in time too, since Summer has practically started and I am so districted all things summer! I decided just a few days into tot school that we will do to 6 weeks of school and take one week off, which couldn't come at a better week. With Memorial Day Monday we all need a break! :)

This week wasn't as planned as I'd like to be, I am vowing now that our next 6 weeks will be planned out better! Trial and error right?

We did some pompom transferring with a muffin tin. She was NOT interested in this at all!
She was however very interested in the tongs we were using to transfer the Poms. 
It was cracking me up how hard she was trying to figure them out!
Then I made colored rice. The color on the left is purple, not black. :)
It was SUPER easy to make and it only cost me $2! Dollar Tree baby!!
I'll write another post about that!

Here she is trying to figure out what all of this is, we haven't played with rice in this form. :)

Here one piece fell onto the floor and she was trying to pick it up.

After we mixed it up, she didn't seem to mind it was all over the floor! 

This was a good 45 minute activity. Next time we play with it, I hope it will be in one of our theme weeks. :)

 While I was cleaning up, she thought it would be fun to play with the top. Silly girl. :)

We spent a lot of time outside and at N's cousins baseball games, so we didn't do as much as we would have hoped. We still had an amazing week and look forward to our festivities tomorrow! 

Until next time.

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