Monday, June 30, 2014

Pre 4th of July Sale

In honor of our nation's birthday, declare yourself free from cheap, ill-fitting dresses! Buy AMERICAN-MADE Karina Dresses! From 7/1 to 7/2, all red, white, and blue dresses will be marked down from $158 to $99. Karina Dresses are vintage inspired, independently designed, and made with love right here in the USA.


Here are the details:

From 7/1 to 7/2, all red, white, and blue dresses are marked down to $99.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Heat Wave Sale

Summer is in full swing! Beat the heat in an easy-breezy Karina Dress! From 6/27 to 6/29, all short sleeved and sleeveless dresses will be marked down from $158 to $99. Karina Dresses are vintage inspired, independently designed, and made with love right here in the USA.
SUMMER HEAT WAVE SALE Here are the details:
From 6/27 to 6/29 all short sleeved and sleeveless dresses will be marked down to $99.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

National Rose Month Sale

June is National Rose Month, and red is the color of beauty, passion, love, and emotion. Get more red into your life (& closet) today! From 6/24 to 6/25, all red and pink dresses will be marked down from $158 to $99. Karina Dresses are vintage inspired, independently designed, and made with love right here in the USA.


Here are the details:

From 6/24 to 6/25 all red and pink dresses will be marked down to $99.

Friday, June 20, 2014

76% Savings at Publix!

Okay okay,  I am super excited about today's shopping trip! I went into Publix knowing that I was going to save about 70%, I came out saving 76%!!!

I spent $18.04 before tax, and saved $56.04! I would have spent $74.08 before sales and coupons!
I bought 28 items at an average of 64 cents an item!
I actually got a few things for FREE!
I am so happy with this trip- this is what keeps me couponing!
When you can go into a store and come out with 76% savings, why not spend the extra time and coupon?!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Update of Sleeping Beauty

I feel like it's time to give you an update on our sleeping habits. You can read about past experiences here, here and here. Once you read those then you will know that what I am about to say has been heaven in comparison!
Right after our last post, we found a toddler bed online for N. We know that it was probably too early to switch her, but we set it up in our room just to try it out. The first night, I put N in her new bed, and sat down on the floor next to her. Within minutes she was asleep. Guess what!!! She slept all night! Night after night was the same thing. She would fall asleep in her bed and sleep until around 5:30-6 in the morning. Then crawl into our bed for a few more hours.
THEN:: she got a slight cold, and was in our bed again. Then we went camping and was in our bed again. That really messed things up for us, especially since we just got her to where she would fall asleep for naps and at night by HERSELF!!!
Since we've been home from camping, she is just about back into a routine. Just last night she slept all night in her bed, only woke up once I believe.
She may only be 14 months old, but I feel like switching her to a toddler bed was the right thing at this time. Granted the bed is still in our room, but pretty soon we will be moving things around and she will have a "big girl toddler room!"
I am very please with our progress. It helps that N understands more of what we are saying to her- and when we ask her to lay down, she generally does. One thing I absolutely love about having her in a toddler bed, is that when she wakes up, she will walk into the living room herself. There is no more me having to listen out for her to wake up and go get her. Sometimes she will walk out with her "sleepy bear" and a blanket, and want to crawl back into my lap to sleep some more- and that is A okay with me!
Our little girl is growing up, and we have to deal with it. She is an amazing little creature, teaches me things every day. :) 

First Day of Summer Sale

Happy first day of summer, Karina Nation! Dress season is in full swing! This weekend only, use the code SUMMER to take 30% off of the entire web store - no exceptions! Karina Dresses are vintage inspired, independently designed, and made with love right here in the USA.
FIRST DAY OF SUMMER SALE Here are the details:
From 6/20 to 6/22 take 30% off of the entire web store with the code SUMMER.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Publix shopping trip

This morning I ran to Publix for my weekly shopping trip. All though I didn't have the savings percentage as I would have liked, I still feel like it  was a pretty good trip. Seeing what all I bought. This is what I purchased:

Let me point out in saying that the Neutrogena sunscreen is regularly $11.99 a bottle!
I purchased 26 items. I spent $35.38 before tax. I saved $60.50.

Before you start fussing at me for going over our budget- I know! So hush!
I saved 63%.

I also use Ibotta,  which is an app on my phone that pays me to buy certain things. Download it- add me as a friend, we'll make money together. :)
From buying the sunscreen-the body wash (which is "Fro-yo" and I can't wait to use it!) and also buying the ice cream I got $4 back!!

SO.... I technically spent $31.38 Saved $64.50. Which is a savings of 67% Amazing when you look at what I bought! :)

For 26 items, and a few high dollar items, I averaged out at $1.20 an item!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tot school week 8

Life. It's funny how it works. One day you're sitting here ready to start your week and the next- you realize that you've done nothing that was on your "to do" list. Then it's the end of the week and you wonder what has happened. How does life just pass you by like that?  What happened when we were all kids and summer days were long and full of fun.  Now you skip a day of doing anything productive and the entire week is gone! I swore that I was going to do better during school this week, and I have to say that again- I was distracted. I guess finding out some certain news in the middle of the week makes things around you just seem silly. :)

We did do a few days of work, and did a lot of running around and shopping this week. And hey! That is learning enough right?! 

Monday we were outside a lot of the afternoon, I was working on my new project and N was just running around after her Daddy. I decided to give her a tub of ice to discover. She let the dogs help her play. She would take the scoop we gave her and scoop the ice all around the tub.

Then one day I gave her the threading farm animals again, and right off she threaded one of the pieces. I was kind of distracted this day, so I just let her do her own thing. Which meant she became really bored, really fast. 

This same day we were suppose to go to a play date with a few other Moms and kiddos, but we were the only ones there. We did, however, enjoy our shaved ice. 

Another day we worked with the "pom pom drop" turned "bead drop." She had a bowl of beads to just put into the drop, but she thought it was better learning to just drop them onto the floor. When she got bored of the beads, which wasn't too much later, she decided it was time to read. We read about 10-12 books in that one sitting. Although you would have thought we read them all, since they were all over the floor! 

Looking back, I guess we did do some good during school. I had a few things planned, but I had to make them and just didn't find the time to sit down and actually work on them. Tomorrow I plan to get back on track with the cleaning, and maybe we will have time to work on some projects. Sunday- Father's Day is going to be a very busy day here, and will probably be gone for 90% of the day. :P

Until next time.

Monday, June 9, 2014

CVS shopping trip

I absolutely love shopping at CVS, if I had my choice of drugstores, this would definitely be my top pick. Actually, you will rarely find me going to any others. 
I needed to get milk this morning, and was going to drive all the way to Wal Mart just to get it cheaper. I sure am glad I didn't!
I went to CVS with my list in hand and ready to go. 
I bought a gallon of milk, 4 cans of Chef Boyardee, 3 Snack Pack puddings, and a pack of Tena Pads. ( getting a jump start on after baby #2) 

I spent:: out of pocket $7.37 before tax. 
With a savings of $14.96
That's 67% y'all!
I bought 9 items at $0.82 a piece! Who can buy a gallon of milk for 82 cents!? 
I'm glad I didn't go all the way to Wal Mart- I would have just been wasting gas! 

Best Friends Day Sale

Karina Dresses are all about self love and positive body image - any girl's best friend! First, you love your self and then share the secret so your best friend can, too. Even better, we're having a sale to celebrate the love! From 6/10 to 6/11, all Spring 2014 dresses will be marked down from $158 to $99. Karina Dresses are vintage inspired, independently designed, and made with love right here in the USA.
BEST FRIENDS DAY SALE Here are the details:
From 6/10 to 6/11, all Spring 2014 dresses will be marked down to $99.

Expired Coupons

It's that time of the year, when I need to clean out my coupon binder! I haven't done so since I started back couponing in February. I almost couldn't pick up my binder without struggling. Just four months of coupons are back breaking!
I just cleared out an entire month worth of expired coupon inserts, all the way to March 9th. When looking thru my first set of March 16 I found a few that didn't expire until the middle of this month, and I decided to stop there.
So, if your following me, you can throw out all of the coupon inserts before March 16. I also tossed a few P&G's- just go thru your stack and normally you can look at one date in the P&G inserts to tell you if they are expired. They tend to expire at the end of the month.
Let me tell you now- cleaning out this many inserts, made my binder feel a world different! I won't have to struggle anymore. :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tot school week 7

Okay,  I promise this week will be better!  Or at least bit more organized. We spent the week away again, and that meant a lot of time outside in the heat,  and some time in the little pool trying keep cool.  The only organized activites that we did this week was a few sensory "bins." Just easy things to put together easily.  The first thing we did was play with a bit of shaving cream and food coloring. Very simple,  I took a clear box and sprayed some Dollar Tree shaving cream into it, then added a couple of drops of red food coloring.   

See how pretty?

N didn't know what to do with it at first, then finally she really dug into the fun foam.
The next activity that was planned didn't quite go as well as I thought. I tried to make goop, you know- the stuff that is liquid when still and a solid when touched?
Well, I read that I just have to mix cornstarch with water,  and I'd be done.  Yeah,  that didn't work! It was a mess!  However,  N loved playing the milky water. 

We started looking other recipes up to figure out what I did wrong,  and we saw that I could add baking soda to the mix.
A box of baking soda later and we still had a mess on our hands.  N still enjoyed splashing around.  We noticed as we were pouring the mixture out that it was kinda of slimy on bottom.  We finally made something to play with! Although at this point N was done and I had more fun playing. 

We had a great time on walks and playing in the rocks. We made a camping baby out of her.  It was a very fun week, but very exhausting at the same time.  I am so happy to be home,  and ready to start our next week.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cricut Disney Cartridges On Sale Now!

Cricut's Disney Cartridges On Sale Now
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Summer is here and school is almost out. What better time to feature a Cricut cartridge sale for cutout art that kids are going to love! 
Check this out...
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These cartridges will make all of your birthday party invitation creating, summertime kid crafting and rainy day scrapbooking a cinch, but hurry because this sale ends June 10th! 

The Perfect Summer Dress Sale

Summer is here, and that means VACATIONS! Don't forget to pack your Karina Dresses - they never wrinkle and they pack so well, you can fit even more in your suitcase. With this sale, you can afford even more, too! From 6/6 to 6/8, when you buy any one dress for full-price, you can get a second one for just $40. So, stock up, and travel in style this summer! Karina Dresses are vintage inspired, independently designed, and made with love right here in the USA.
Here are the details:
From 6/6 to 6/8, when you buy any one dress for full-price, you can get a second one for just $40. Use code TRAVELDRESS at checkout.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

zulily deals for June 3 -June 9th.

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Monday, June 9th

Where did the days go?

   Holidays always  mess me up, do they for you as well? It doesn't help that we had two holidays back to back just about. Last Monday was  Memorial Day and yesterday was Jeff Davis' birthday. Happy Birthday to you. :) I am going  to go on and say  that tomorrow is a personal holiday as well. MY birthday! Happy Birthday to me! I've realized since I  have had N - that birthdays are really all a blurr. I've recently downloaded TimeHop and saw that two and three years ago around this time, I was counting down the hours until my Birthday. Now, I am just lucky I remember I have a birthday. Back to my holiday rant- with it being a holiday, I didn't plan anything for Natalie, (plus I am trying out the 6 weeks on- 1 week off thing) but I also didn't stick to my cleaning schedule. WHY OH WHY!? I went all week- sitting on my bum being super lazy. We went camping this past weekend, which meant noone was at home to make a mess, but came back last night and I was appalled. This house was a wreck! I didn't do anything, of course, besides the laundry and dishes. So do you want to know what happened when I woke up this morning? I about had a panic attack! There were clothes all over the living room, things all over my counter in the kitchen, dishes still in the sink and food left on the stove that I told myself over and over to go put up last night. The quote "it looks like a tornado came thru" was quite quite true this morning, and I just wanted to sit on the floor and cry! I almost called my grandmother to tell her I was not coming back to camp today.  Seeing as I really want to go back to my retreat and have another few days of vacation- I decided I wouldn't do that, but I was going to clean first!
    I also started getting these emails  that contain interviews from Mothers and entrepreneurs talking about balancing your life as a mother. To learn more about this go to Lisa's page at I listened to the first interview this morning, while cleaning the kitchen. It was an interview  from Renee Trudeau who spoke about her book  The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life.  *note  that I am in  no way an affiliate of this book or anything dealing with I simply want to share.*
I really want  to go to  the library right now and find it! She isn't talking about going and getting a massage and pedicures, she is talking about actually renewing your life from the inside out. If you have a minute, go to Lisa's page sign up to get the emails, if you have 45 minutes everyday, for 9 days. It may be worth your while. 
   Okay sorry, I got off on another subject. That would be the coffee working it's magic. :) Anyway. I got my butt to work this morning. I cleaned up the kitchen, got all of our clothes in their bags and put by the door, dusted the entire house, and picked up all the clutter in the living room. I am now waiting on the clothes in the dryer to finish up, so I can fold and put away. Thankfully I have a husband who doesn't mind vacuuming and I have asked him to do so this afternoon for me. I feel refreshed knowing that my house is clean again. It's not perfect, but it's ten times better than  it was. :) 
   I am off now, to get everything loaded in the van and head back out to camp. This is going to be an awesome week- just the girls. (At least during the day) 

Until next time. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

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