Monday, June 9, 2014

CVS shopping trip

I absolutely love shopping at CVS, if I had my choice of drugstores, this would definitely be my top pick. Actually, you will rarely find me going to any others. 
I needed to get milk this morning, and was going to drive all the way to Wal Mart just to get it cheaper. I sure am glad I didn't!
I went to CVS with my list in hand and ready to go. 
I bought a gallon of milk, 4 cans of Chef Boyardee, 3 Snack Pack puddings, and a pack of Tena Pads. ( getting a jump start on after baby #2) 

I spent:: out of pocket $7.37 before tax. 
With a savings of $14.96
That's 67% y'all!
I bought 9 items at $0.82 a piece! Who can buy a gallon of milk for 82 cents!? 
I'm glad I didn't go all the way to Wal Mart- I would have just been wasting gas! 

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