Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where did the days go?

   Holidays always  mess me up, do they for you as well? It doesn't help that we had two holidays back to back just about. Last Monday was  Memorial Day and yesterday was Jeff Davis' birthday. Happy Birthday to you. :) I am going  to go on and say  that tomorrow is a personal holiday as well. MY birthday! Happy Birthday to me! I've realized since I  have had N - that birthdays are really all a blurr. I've recently downloaded TimeHop and saw that two and three years ago around this time, I was counting down the hours until my Birthday. Now, I am just lucky I remember I have a birthday. Back to my holiday rant- with it being a holiday, I didn't plan anything for Natalie, (plus I am trying out the 6 weeks on- 1 week off thing) but I also didn't stick to my cleaning schedule. WHY OH WHY!? I went all week- sitting on my bum being super lazy. We went camping this past weekend, which meant noone was at home to make a mess, but came back last night and I was appalled. This house was a wreck! I didn't do anything, of course, besides the laundry and dishes. So do you want to know what happened when I woke up this morning? I about had a panic attack! There were clothes all over the living room, things all over my counter in the kitchen, dishes still in the sink and food left on the stove that I told myself over and over to go put up last night. The quote "it looks like a tornado came thru" was quite quite true this morning, and I just wanted to sit on the floor and cry! I almost called my grandmother to tell her I was not coming back to camp today.  Seeing as I really want to go back to my retreat and have another few days of vacation- I decided I wouldn't do that, but I was going to clean first!
    I also started getting these emails  that contain interviews from Mothers and entrepreneurs talking about balancing your life as a mother. To learn more about this go to Lisa's page at wellgroundsite.com. I listened to the first interview this morning, while cleaning the kitchen. It was an interview  from Renee Trudeau who spoke about her book  The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life.  *note  that I am in  no way an affiliate of this book or anything dealing with wellgroundedsite.com- I simply want to share.*
I really want  to go to  the library right now and find it! She isn't talking about going and getting a massage and pedicures, she is talking about actually renewing your life from the inside out. If you have a minute, go to Lisa's page sign up to get the emails, if you have 45 minutes everyday, for 9 days. It may be worth your while. 
   Okay sorry, I got off on another subject. That would be the coffee working it's magic. :) Anyway. I got my butt to work this morning. I cleaned up the kitchen, got all of our clothes in their bags and put by the door, dusted the entire house, and picked up all the clutter in the living room. I am now waiting on the clothes in the dryer to finish up, so I can fold and put away. Thankfully I have a husband who doesn't mind vacuuming and I have asked him to do so this afternoon for me. I feel refreshed knowing that my house is clean again. It's not perfect, but it's ten times better than  it was. :) 
   I am off now, to get everything loaded in the van and head back out to camp. This is going to be an awesome week- just the girls. (At least during the day) 

Until next time. 

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