Monday, June 16, 2014

Publix shopping trip

This morning I ran to Publix for my weekly shopping trip. All though I didn't have the savings percentage as I would have liked, I still feel like it  was a pretty good trip. Seeing what all I bought. This is what I purchased:

Let me point out in saying that the Neutrogena sunscreen is regularly $11.99 a bottle!
I purchased 26 items. I spent $35.38 before tax. I saved $60.50.

Before you start fussing at me for going over our budget- I know! So hush!
I saved 63%.

I also use Ibotta,  which is an app on my phone that pays me to buy certain things. Download it- add me as a friend, we'll make money together. :)
From buying the sunscreen-the body wash (which is "Fro-yo" and I can't wait to use it!) and also buying the ice cream I got $4 back!!

SO.... I technically spent $31.38 Saved $64.50. Which is a savings of 67% Amazing when you look at what I bought! :)

For 26 items, and a few high dollar items, I averaged out at $1.20 an item!!

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