Friday, June 13, 2014

Tot school week 8

Life. It's funny how it works. One day you're sitting here ready to start your week and the next- you realize that you've done nothing that was on your "to do" list. Then it's the end of the week and you wonder what has happened. How does life just pass you by like that?  What happened when we were all kids and summer days were long and full of fun.  Now you skip a day of doing anything productive and the entire week is gone! I swore that I was going to do better during school this week, and I have to say that again- I was distracted. I guess finding out some certain news in the middle of the week makes things around you just seem silly. :)

We did do a few days of work, and did a lot of running around and shopping this week. And hey! That is learning enough right?! 

Monday we were outside a lot of the afternoon, I was working on my new project and N was just running around after her Daddy. I decided to give her a tub of ice to discover. She let the dogs help her play. She would take the scoop we gave her and scoop the ice all around the tub.

Then one day I gave her the threading farm animals again, and right off she threaded one of the pieces. I was kind of distracted this day, so I just let her do her own thing. Which meant she became really bored, really fast. 

This same day we were suppose to go to a play date with a few other Moms and kiddos, but we were the only ones there. We did, however, enjoy our shaved ice. 

Another day we worked with the "pom pom drop" turned "bead drop." She had a bowl of beads to just put into the drop, but she thought it was better learning to just drop them onto the floor. When she got bored of the beads, which wasn't too much later, she decided it was time to read. We read about 10-12 books in that one sitting. Although you would have thought we read them all, since they were all over the floor! 

Looking back, I guess we did do some good during school. I had a few things planned, but I had to make them and just didn't find the time to sit down and actually work on them. Tomorrow I plan to get back on track with the cleaning, and maybe we will have time to work on some projects. Sunday- Father's Day is going to be a very busy day here, and will probably be gone for 90% of the day. :P

Until next time.

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