Saturday, August 23, 2014

C is for Caterpillar

      This week went surprisingly well, considering what I was up against. I actually went to bed Sunday night thinking that my expectations were WAY WAY too high for what I had planned and for a 16 month old and 2 year old! I for sure had a full week planned for the girls, and I was going to finish everything! This week we were learning the letter C!
Here, the girls are going thru the C alphabet box   
     In our box we had a C book, a few C flashcards, a few letter Cs, our C sandpaper letter, and the C alphabet bean bag. They both picked everything up in the box and explored, then passed it along. :)

These are our Caterpillars made from the letter C

     We read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, and then made these caterpillars out of the letter C! B was super into it, and quickly placed all of her circles on the paper, N kept putting one circle on, and taking another off, but she finally kept them all on and they turned out great! 

B is on top, N is on the bottom 

     The girls matched colored paperclips, to paint swatches! They both did amazing! B did it right away, but then got confused when I tried to get her to add more to each swatch. We then just tried one swatch at a time and she had to pick out which paper clip matched. She did one, then decided she was ready to play. N took a little while to get sat down and concentrate but she eventually matched all of the colors correctly! :)  We tried to show Daddy when he got home, but N was not interested at all!

     One evening I tried to get N to do some dot painting, you can almost see the outline of the C! I tried to get B to do it the next morning, and it didn't turn out too well. :)

Painting their trees with corks. 

     C is for cork on this day. I painted a tree on to the paper and gave them each two corks and some paint. The idea was for it to look like a fall tree. I think they did pretty well. 

Here the girls are playing with their cloud dough!

    Cloud dough is simply a mixture of flour and baby oil. I separated the mixture into two containers so we didn't have any fighting, and let them go at it! I gave them some plates, bowls, spoons and a few letter C's to have some fun in the Cloud dough. This enjoyment lasted quite a while until my little one decided she was done and kept distracting B from her fun. The clean up process was fun too. ;)

This was just the middle of the mess, it was all over the kitchen! 

Puffy cloud paint!

     If I taught the kiddos anything this week, it would be cloud! Both girls can say cloud now. The puffy cloud paint is a mixture of shaving cream and white glue. I made some in two different bowls and gave them paintbrushes to paint their clouds. They had a blast with this as well! 

Shaving cream on a tray.

     I was sure if anything- that the shaving cream on a tray would be the biggest hit! While N LOVES shaving cream, she had more fun laying on the floor watching me try to get B to play. B has a thing about different textures, so I tried my hardest for her to not be afraid of it. Be sure to know that I will be introducing this later on, she will like it before the end of the year! :) 

     Here are all of N's artwork for this week, I forgot to take a picture of B's too! Will have to make a note to take before she goes home next week! My window frame was for sure full this week, and it was so much fun to see them everyday. :) 

     I am so proud of my girls this week! They took on a lot, and succeeded in everything I threw at them! N stayed interested longer than last week, and I thank B for that! I would like to say they learned a lot this week, and I hope I am right, but I do know they had fun! Next week will be even better!!  To end our week, Daddyo found a Tomato caterpillar and we decided to keep him and watch him turn into a super cool moth! A great way to continue learning our letter C, and maybe even saying caterpillar by the end of it all! 

Until next time.

Friday, August 15, 2014

A is for Apples and Airplanes

     Our first week of tot school is officially over! This week we tried to learn our letter A. To say we learned our letter A would be lying. She is only 16 months old! She did learn how to say apple, and correctly point out an airplane. I would say that is progress in my book!
     Our first day was short and to the point, N did not want to do anything for me that day! We did sit down and go thru our alphabet box, which is where she picked up every single item and asked "what's this?" So inquisitive.
      She promptly stood up after looking at every item and said "I'm done." Then walked away. Though I did get her to sit in my lap long enough to make her Alligator.
(please do not make fun of my A cutting skills)

     I would put glue on the paper and she put the eyes and the teeth, the last tooth she wanted me to put the glue on it, instead of the green paper and she put it where she wanted. :)

   The next day we played in our Apples sensory box! She LOVED it! Once you see the pictures you will see exactly what I mean. 

     I had quite the mess to clean up once we were all done. She cannot grasp the concept of keeping things in the box! Which is probably why I am scared to play with our new mood sand. I did notice that she is a lot more coordinated with her left hand then her right. Which would also explain why she's so daggum smart!

      The next day we were suppose to count apples and group them with like colors. This was also a morning she didn't want anything to do with me. It took me 20 minutes to just get her to pick the apples back up and put them in the box!

     Then the fun day! She got to stamp with real apples! She loved that as well! Red and black paint, an apple cut in half and two plastic forks- makes about 20 minutes of fun!

     All in all, it was an okay week. Two out of four days went extremely well! Hoping next week will be even better, although with us adding in another tot, we may have a week of crazies.

     I say this week = Success.

     Get ready for next week when we will be learning letter C!

Until next time.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tot school starts tomorrow!

I am pleased to announce that summer break is now over! School starts back all around town tomorrow, as well as in our own house! Tot school is making it's comeback! I'd like to also apologize for taking such a long break, but I have certainly enjoyed it. Right before I started my break we found out we were expecting our second bundle of joy! We are of course, over the moon happy! I on the other hand have been sick with a cold since I found out! Two months of being sick- is no fun! My entire summer I tell ya! I am so ready to be over this! 
Anyway. Tot school! It starts tomorrow! I am probably more excited than N. Well of course I am, she has NO clue as to what's happening. But I am excited. :)
I am following a lesson plan, to teach her the alphabet. I know she's only 16 months old, but I totally believe she's ready to learn anythig I throw at her. And I'm going to prove it. :) Stay tuned for tot school updates, we are back in the game!