Saturday, August 23, 2014

C is for Caterpillar

      This week went surprisingly well, considering what I was up against. I actually went to bed Sunday night thinking that my expectations were WAY WAY too high for what I had planned and for a 16 month old and 2 year old! I for sure had a full week planned for the girls, and I was going to finish everything! This week we were learning the letter C!
Here, the girls are going thru the C alphabet box   
     In our box we had a C book, a few C flashcards, a few letter Cs, our C sandpaper letter, and the C alphabet bean bag. They both picked everything up in the box and explored, then passed it along. :)

These are our Caterpillars made from the letter C

     We read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, and then made these caterpillars out of the letter C! B was super into it, and quickly placed all of her circles on the paper, N kept putting one circle on, and taking another off, but she finally kept them all on and they turned out great! 

B is on top, N is on the bottom 

     The girls matched colored paperclips, to paint swatches! They both did amazing! B did it right away, but then got confused when I tried to get her to add more to each swatch. We then just tried one swatch at a time and she had to pick out which paper clip matched. She did one, then decided she was ready to play. N took a little while to get sat down and concentrate but she eventually matched all of the colors correctly! :)  We tried to show Daddy when he got home, but N was not interested at all!

     One evening I tried to get N to do some dot painting, you can almost see the outline of the C! I tried to get B to do it the next morning, and it didn't turn out too well. :)

Painting their trees with corks. 

     C is for cork on this day. I painted a tree on to the paper and gave them each two corks and some paint. The idea was for it to look like a fall tree. I think they did pretty well. 

Here the girls are playing with their cloud dough!

    Cloud dough is simply a mixture of flour and baby oil. I separated the mixture into two containers so we didn't have any fighting, and let them go at it! I gave them some plates, bowls, spoons and a few letter C's to have some fun in the Cloud dough. This enjoyment lasted quite a while until my little one decided she was done and kept distracting B from her fun. The clean up process was fun too. ;)

This was just the middle of the mess, it was all over the kitchen! 

Puffy cloud paint!

     If I taught the kiddos anything this week, it would be cloud! Both girls can say cloud now. The puffy cloud paint is a mixture of shaving cream and white glue. I made some in two different bowls and gave them paintbrushes to paint their clouds. They had a blast with this as well! 

Shaving cream on a tray.

     I was sure if anything- that the shaving cream on a tray would be the biggest hit! While N LOVES shaving cream, she had more fun laying on the floor watching me try to get B to play. B has a thing about different textures, so I tried my hardest for her to not be afraid of it. Be sure to know that I will be introducing this later on, she will like it before the end of the year! :) 

     Here are all of N's artwork for this week, I forgot to take a picture of B's too! Will have to make a note to take before she goes home next week! My window frame was for sure full this week, and it was so much fun to see them everyday. :) 

     I am so proud of my girls this week! They took on a lot, and succeeded in everything I threw at them! N stayed interested longer than last week, and I thank B for that! I would like to say they learned a lot this week, and I hope I am right, but I do know they had fun! Next week will be even better!!  To end our week, Daddyo found a Tomato caterpillar and we decided to keep him and watch him turn into a super cool moth! A great way to continue learning our letter C, and maybe even saying caterpillar by the end of it all! 

Until next time.

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