Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tot school starts tomorrow!

I am pleased to announce that summer break is now over! School starts back all around town tomorrow, as well as in our own house! Tot school is making it's comeback! I'd like to also apologize for taking such a long break, but I have certainly enjoyed it. Right before I started my break we found out we were expecting our second bundle of joy! We are of course, over the moon happy! I on the other hand have been sick with a cold since I found out! Two months of being sick- is no fun! My entire summer I tell ya! I am so ready to be over this! 
Anyway. Tot school! It starts tomorrow! I am probably more excited than N. Well of course I am, she has NO clue as to what's happening. But I am excited. :)
I am following a lesson plan, to teach her the alphabet. I know she's only 16 months old, but I totally believe she's ready to learn anythig I throw at her. And I'm going to prove it. :) Stay tuned for tot school updates, we are back in the game!

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