Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm still here!

    Please don't think I've fallen off of the side of the world! We have been very busy around these parts! We found out that we were having a BOY! Yes! Really! We couldn't be more ecstatic! Since finding out, I have been in total nesting mode! I have plans for this boy, I have plans!
    Along with rearranging our entire house, almost... still in the process. I have also been very busy with a group that I am a part of! It's the Girls Night Out group of Montgomery! I am now "co-organizer" of the group so I have been busy the last week trying to fill my part. :) I made our own Facebook group page, what kind of group is complete without a Facebook page!? I am working with the organizer now to revamp the guidelines for the group. With over 250 members, something has to start getting these people interested!
      I have ALSO, decided I wanted to start making my own planner. I've been doing quite a bit of research in that department. I've found that I am NOT as creative as lot of the bloggers I have been following, but it is fun to be able to make my planner the way I want. No more being mad that I can't find one in my budget, that I like! :) I wouldn't have needed this planner if I wasn't so busy, you see. I literally have to check my calendar to tell someone if I am busy on a certain day- which isn't too bad! I've been able to give Lee a lot of one on one time with N! I hope that he's enjoying it all! I've also been able to take her to a few play dates with another group that we are apart of, she seems to have fun so far!
     One of the rooms that is complete (still a work in progress) is the dining room/ school/ craft/ office! We set up a new corner desk in the room, so I could get the big hunky cabinet out, and I love it! I was able to bring my Cricut and sewing machine out of hiding, and hopefully once things start calming down around here then I will be able to get involved in my old crafting projects. One thing at a time, one thing at a time. For some reason Lee is all about me getting back into sewing- do you think it's the two huge totes of sewing things I have?!
     Next on our list of things to get done- is finish clearing out the new nursery! The bedding we picked out will be here this week, and I want to set his crib up soon!!! I will say that by November his room will be complete! At least, all of the big stuff will be moved and put in their rightful places. Then the crafting will start! After his room is complete, minus the crafting, then I will be redoing N's room. A few pieces of furniture will be moved out into the nursery, which will leave a ton more room for N to spread out! :) Maybe she will decide she can fall asleep in her bed then, instead of the pack n play... then she would have A LOT of room!!! Maybe even move her toys into her room, so Mommy doesn't have to see them all day! Yay!
    As you can see we have been super busy, and will remain super busy for a few more months! Please don't think I have forgotten about you. Since I have my nifty new planner, maybe it will remind me to update you guys more often!! For now, I have a few kiddos to chase after, and get them to clean up the huge mess they just made while I wrote least they were occupied!

Until next time.