Sunday, January 4, 2015


First off happy New Year! This is the year for changes, the year things actually happen. The year that I learn to be intentional with everything I do! At home, as a mother and wife. At church, as a follower of Christ. 
I've mentioned once before that I am a starter and not a finisher. This is true. I also believe it doesn't help that everyone around me believes this, and thus doesn't help keep me motivated. I wonder if this is why I don't have an accountability partner to help me stay on top of my Bible reading this year. I try, I do. 
Right now I'm vowing to make this year different from all of the rest. I need your help. I need you to motivate me. I'm wanting to keep this blog alive. Now I'm not saying I will write everyday, or even every week. Though once a month, is a good start. I'm having a baby in less than 8 weeks and that scares me to death. It really does. 
However I am wanting to make this change so bad in my life, that I have to be positive and move forward. I can prepare myself so much for this, but I know that it won't matter. Once this baby arrives everything that I've anticipated will be thrown out the window. 

Im scared, but I also have a goal. I will not allow myself to deviate from my goals for this year. 
So I ask you all for help. I will post abut my goals in the coming week, and need you to help me stay accountable. 

For now. God bless you.